Il processo produttivo

Piccoli e semplici passaggi che ogni giorno danno vita ad una pasta di eccellenza

La Semola

Made with 100% Italian wheat. Ideal for the production of dry and fresh artisan pasta. It is characterized by a very calibrated particle size which makes it ideal for bronze drawing. The pasta produced with this semolina will have a high toughness in cooking and a very high color index even after long drying.


The mixing phase is a very delicate phase of the production process, which occurs very slowly, the mixing of our semolina with pure water

La trafilatura

our dough is ready to be drawn according to the format, it can be bronze drawn to give life to Scialatielli, Paccheri, Pappardelle, or a carpet and thus we obtain, Fusilli, Trofie or Strozzapreti


After the various thermal processes that reduce the bacterial load and allow us to increase the shelf-life of our products, we can move on to packaging.Our operators pack our packs one by one, after weighing the packs are closed in ATM, inserting inside the bag a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide

Lo Stoccaggio

Our product is ready to be stored in our cells at a temperature of + 4 ° C